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Other Acknowledgements

We would also like to acknowledge the following people who gave their time generously to Bridges and should be recognized for their ongoing efforts in support of the journal:

  • Charmaine Tomczyk, Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Phillip Whalen, Director of the Honors Program
  • Amanda Brian, Managing Editor (2011-2012)

Without their continued commitment to this journal and their belief in the importance of promoting undergraduate research, producing Bridges each year would literally be impossible. 

In addition, we would also like to acknowledge the work of our faculty reviewers. These faculty members agree to read and comment on articles that have been submitted for consideration. The faculty reviewers serve as subject matter experts who comment on the value of the articles and offer suggestions for improvement before the article is published. In order to be published, an article must first be nominated by a faculty adviser and then reviewed positively by the entire Bridges Editorial Review Board. At that point, the article is sent to a faculty reviewer. Only when an article has received a positive review from the objective outside reviewer can it be slated for publication. 

It is essential for Bridges to have this kind of outside review process because almost all scholarly work proceeds in this manner. Our student authors are experiencing this important process for the first time. Without the unpaid work of these reviewers, this outside review process could not take place. We wish to thank the following faculty members for serving as reviewers this year:

  • Teresa Burns, Chemistry/Physics
  • Richard Hourigan, History
  • J. Kay Keels, Management and Decision Sciences
  • Joe Oestreich, English
  • Holley Tankersley, Politics and Geography
  • Doug Van Hoewyk, Biology
  • Frederick Woods, Politics and Geography