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Workers’ Compensation Information

In the Event of Employee Injury

Initial Notification:  In case of accidental injury, it is an employee's responsibility to notify his supervisor or department head immediately. Any injury, no matter how slight, must be reported.  Supervisors or department heads should notify the Coordinator of Risk Management of the injury.

Medical Attention for the Work Injured Employee:  If the injured employee or his supervisor judges that the medical attention is needed, the supervisor or other designated person may call Compendium Services at 1-877-709-2667 to report the injury and assist in completing the First Report of Injury.

Once an employee receives initial treatment, any subsequent treatment must be by the same physician or a physician within the same practice, or upon referral by that physician. An employee, who initiates a change in physicians without referral, or without notification and approval through Compendium Services, may not be covered further under workers' compensation.

Workers' Compensation Coverage of Medical Treatment:  All parties treating a work injured employee should be informed to direct the charges to: State Accident Fund, PO Box 102100, Columbia, SC 29221-5000.

Notice: A work injured employee should not provide group medical insurance (Blue Cross-Blue Shield) information to any agent in the treatment of his injury. If there is any knowledge of a claim for work injury treatment being directed to Blue Cross-Blue Shield, notify the Coordinator of Risk Management immediately.

Coastal Carolina University’s 
Workers' Compensation is coordinated by:

Rose Marie Hussey Johnson

Coordinator of Risk Management and Strategic Planning
President's Office
Office -  Singleton Building  106                                          
Campus Telephone/Extension - 843-349-6448
E-mail -  rmj@coastal.edu

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