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Coastal Carolina University Residency Application Deadlines

The Role of the University

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education requires Coastal Carolina University to determine the resident classification of each student for tuition and fee purposes.  This determination is made initially at the time of admission.  Students who enroll as non-residents must complete the formal residency application, outlined within this document, in order to be considered for a change of resident classification.  The burden of proof rests with the student to show evidence, as deemed necessary by the state, to establish and maintain resident status.

The Application Process

Persons applying for resident classification must complete the required residency application and supply all requested supporting documentation by the close of business on the deadlines listed:

Semester/Term Deadline
Maymester 2014 April 1, 2014
Summer I 2014 May 1, 2014
Summer II 2014 June 1, 2014
Fall 2014 July 1, 2014
Fall II 2014 September 1, 2014
Spring 2015 December 1, 2014
Spring II 2015 February 1, 2015