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Applying to the Program

Interdisciplinary Studies is a great way to build your own concentration and tailor your coursework toward a rewarding career of your choosing. Follow these steps to ensure you will be successful in this major program:

Step 1: Information Gathering

  • Read over information about an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.
  • Utilize resources such as Career Services to generate a career focus.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your chosen career and its future using resources such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Step 2: Making Preparations

  • Set up an appointment with the Academic Advisor at ids@coastal.edu.
  • Make a commitment by joining the pre-major with a Change of Major.
  • Utilize the Sample Concentrations on this site or search for courses on WebAdvisor to find upper level coursework that may help you develop skills necessary for success in your career. Make a list of these courses & their prerequisites and bring them with you to your appointment.

Step 3: Academic Advising

  • Attend your scheduled meeting with the Academic Advisor to negotiate an appropriate concentration, coursework, and time table to success.
  • Clearly identify each course you have selected for your concentration and gain an understanding of the interdisciplinary research courses.
  • Ask the Academic Advisor for general assistance in course registration.

Step 4: Applying to the Major

  • Once you have solidified the coursework in your concentration, complete the formal application to the major found below:
  • Deliver the application to the Academic Advisor and await approval from the faculty committee, which generally meets once per month.
  • Approval of the formal application will activate the full major in Interdisciplinary Studies. Your approved concentration and complete program evaluation will now be viewable through WebAdvisor.

Step 5: Progressing toward Graduation

  • If you need to make an adjustment to your approved concentration, submit a substitution request to the Academic Advisor for approval.
  • Schedule an advising appointment each semester before registration.
  • Once you have registered for your final semester, apply for graduation.

Download a Microsoft Word version of the Application:

Interdisciplinary Studies Application 2013-2014

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