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Editing the Concentration

This page is for students that have already been accepted into the official Interdisciplinary Studies major. Pre-majors should follow the procedure listed under Enrolling in the Program to be officially accepted into the major.

Concentrations are created by the student with the best intentions of completing each course selected. However, edits may be made so long as the newly proposed course fits appropriately into the student's concentration. Possible reasons for editing your concentration may include a special topics course being offered on a one-time basis, an internship opportunity arising, or substituting because a concentration course is no longer instructed. Fill out the following form to send a concentration edit request to the Academic Advisor:

Full Name
Student ID
Catalog Year
Cell Phone
Coastal E-mail
Reason for Substitution
New Course Title
Course Departmental Prefix
Course Number
Explanation of How Course Fits into Concentration

This page is under construction. Please e-mail your substitution request to ids@coastal.edu with the above info until this page is updated.

Contact Information

Matthew Wood
Academic Advisor

Office: Kearns 213 E
Phone: (843) 349-5089

Email: mwood@coastal.edu

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