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Wall Center for Excellence Workshop Curriculum

Class size is limited to 30 students in each workshop.

Career Launch I: Building a Resume

During this session, students will learn how to construct an effective resume that will get noticed by potential employers. Specific Topics include: • Constructing and quantifying your resume • Seeking an employer versus a job • Job search strategies

Pre-requisite: No pre-requisites


Fri, 9/1210:00-11:00amWall 222 (Board Room)Sign Up


Tues, 9/231:30-2:30pmWall 305Sign Up

Introduction to the Internship

Students that complete a paid internship in their chosen career field are sixty percent (60%) more likely to graduate from college with a job related to their major! It is critical that you get your career started before you graduate. We will discuss the entire internship process, from the search process to the final reflection paper, in this workshop.

Specific topics include:

  • Finding the right internship opportunity
  • Estblishing realistic expectations
  • Defining student learning outcomes
  • Evaluations
  • Reflections on the internship experience

Pre-requisite: No prerequisite


Fri, 11/71:00-2:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Mon, 9/1510:00-11:00amWall 229Sign Up


Tues 10/143:00-4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Engaging Presentations

Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentation? This 90 – 120 minute workshop will demonstrate how effective communicators engage their audience and create memorable presentations that deliver a clear and concise message.

Specific topics include:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Organizing your presentation
  • Effective use of audio and visual components
  • Evaluating and adding supporting information including hand-outs and workbooks
  • Responding to questions
  • Referencing information sources

Pre-requisite: No prerequisites


Fri, 10/1010:00-11:30amWall 229Sign Up


Tues 10/213:00-4:30pmRoom 229Sign Up

A Business Card: The Worlds Smallest Resume

A business card is the world’s smallest resume and a quick and effective way to communicate with other professionals. It also identifies you as a professional. In this activity you will develop your own business card (or learn ways to effectively use your established business card) for use in a career search or other networking activities. What should and should not be included on your business card will be discussed as well as where to place pertinent information on your business card are addressed. Advice on networking and establishing credibility will also be provided in the session To complete this Professional Development Activity (PDA) attendance at A Business Card: "World’s Smallest Resume" workshop is required and submission of a printed personal business card to the main Wall Center Office located in Wall 228.



Mon, 11/311:00am-12:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Mon, 9/810:00-11:00amWall 229Sign Up

Safe Zone Ally Training Sessions at Coastal Carolina University

The Safe Zone Program provides a visible network of volunteers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other individuals seeking information and assistance regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, harassment, and/or discrimination. Safe Zone Allies will participate in a two hour training session and will commit to the Safe Zone program mission. Any student who wants to become a Safe Zone Ally or would just like to learn more about LGBTQ issue should attend one of the following sessions. Wed, Sept 3, 1-3 pm, Edwards 164 OR Tues, Sept 23, 11-1 pm, Singleton 112 OR Mon, Oct 6, 5-7 pm, Edwards 164 OR Thurs, Oct 23, 9-11 am, Singleton 112 OR Fri, Nov 7, 11-1 pm, Edwards 164. To register for a session Call 843-349-2305 For more information, consult the Safe Zone website at www.coastal.edu/safezone. Make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented.

Pre-requisite: Two (2) hour basic training with no pre-requisites.

Unleashing your Resume

You are looking to set yourself apart from the pack. You have your résumé updated and you are looking for that edge that you know you have; but how do you present it to the cruel hiring world? This workshop will demonstrate how to put your know-how, experience and personality in a graphic format that (1) reflects who you are and (2) shows a hiring manager a set of skills that is perfect for the job.

Pre-requisite: Dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) with your current résumé. Lack of a résumé. Possession of a résumé that hasn’t gotten you the attention you deserve or the job you want. 60-90 minutes workshop with time for Q&A.

Advanced Word Features & the Formal Business Report

This workshop introduces students to the advanced Word features that help them be more efficient as they craft business reports, papers, and memos for their classes not only in the Wall College of Business but also across the campus. We will pay particular attention to the use of automated headers for the use in building table of contents, reference tab for building reference sections and correct in-text citations, and extending the hyperlinking found in the Table of Contents to the full paper. To be held in Room 111.

Pre-requisite: Please bring a project/paper to work on during the 1 hour workshop. The session will be scheduled in a computer lab, but you can bring your own computer if you would prefer to use that one.


Mon, 10/133:00-4:00pmWall 111Sign Up


Tues 11/188:20-9:20amWall 111Sign Up


Tues, 9/161:40-2:40pmWall 111Sign Up

Beta Alpha Psi Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting and Finance Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers, including CPAs and CMAs in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their stories about their career path and help you choose a path you might want to pursue during and after college. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact with your other, faculty, and executives. Additional speaker topics coming soon.

Pre-requisite: None

Finance/FMA Club Guest Speaker

Each semester the Finance Club hosts a variety of guest speakers relevant to the finance industry. The spring speaker schedule will be announced soon.



Tues. 9/235:30pmCliff Bell of Prudential Insurance Co. will be speaking to the club about his day-to-day responsibilities and their internship program -Wall 211Sign Up

Company Visits (held @ the Company)

The purpose of this PDA is to give students firsthand exposure to business cultures, working environments and the world of work. The structure of the visits vary by company, but typically include a company overview presentation and discussion of its core business strategies, a tour of the facility, discussion of job opportunities, an chance to meet members of the leadership team, and a Q&A session. Limited space is available for these visits so you must sign up below.



Mon, 10/204:00-5:30pmCCU HTC Center-meet in from of the Rock Climbing Wall inside the HTC Center Sign Up

Preparing for Graduate School

In this workshop, the discussion will focus on the process of preparing for grad school. Topics covered will include setting yourself up for success while an undergrad, the lifestyle changes that accompany grad school, what to do if your undergraduate studies seem unrelated to your intended course of study, conducting informational interviews with experts to better understand how a graduate education can help you achieve your goals and the admission process for graduate education.



Fri, 11/1410:00-11:00amWall 229Sign Up


Mon, 9/221:00-2:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Thurs 10/93:00-4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

International Cultural Series

This series sponsors various programming focused on international cultures and travel. Programming will include short films and presentations to offer critical and cultural perspectives on the featured region.


SHRM Club Sponsored PDAs

The mission of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) club is to provide an opportunity for its members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability. The SHRM interacts with students, the community, and other SHRM organizations across the country in pursuit of that goal. Each semester the SCHRM club hosts a variety of guest speakers, events and workshops. More sessions for the spring coming soon.


Marketing Club Guest Speaker

The goal of the Marketing Club is to provide students with the training and tools they will need to succeed in the marketing profession. Students work with local, regional and national companies by conducting marketing research and spearheading various projects, which helps them gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom. They also host speakers from a variety of different companies and organizations throughout the semester. The schedule for the spring coming soon.


Coastal Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) Guest Speaker

The CEO club is an organization that is focused on hands-on experience in planning, starting and running businesses, and other revenue-generating operations. The club also engages in outreach and education about entrepreneurship through the PDAs that the club hosts. The spring PDA schedule will be announced soon.


Beta Gamma Sigma Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their personal stories, provide career advice, and share valuable business insights. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact and network with fellow students, faculty, and business professionals. The schedule of speakers coming soon.


Jaycees Organization Guest Speakers

The Jaycees is an international organization. Junior Chamber International (JCI) is its international arm, with nearly 200,000 young active citizens and over five million alumni - including several world leaders. The United States Junior Chamber exists for active young citizens ages 18 to 40, who bring energy and insight to solving problems locally and around the world. Becoming a member of the Jaycees is a step in the right direction if you are looking to branch out, meet new people, become a civic leader, find new challenges, develop professional skills and make new connections locally, nationally and internationally. As part of its service to he Coastal community Jaycees hosts a variety of PDAs throughout the year.



TBASign Up

Career Launch II: The Successful Interview

This workshop will assist students in preparing for an employment interview. Specific topics include: - Researching the employer - Anticipating interview questions - Translating your experiences into marketable skills - Framing your strengths and weaknesses - Following up after the interview



Thurs 11/63:00-4:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues 11/119:30-10:30amWall 229Sign Up

Executive in Residence (EIR) Speaker Series

The Wall College of Business Administration maintains an Executive in Residence program for the mutual benefit of its business students, faculty and the executives who comprise the program. As part of their service to the university executives deliver a wide array of PDAs, including panels on current topics in business, presentations on areas of expertise, industry insights, and advice on preparing for the "working" world. For background information on participating executives visit: https://www.coastal.edu/business/executivesinresidence/ and http://www.coastal.edu/business/departments/mds/davedoerring/. See below for the EIR schedule for the spring. Additional EIR PDAs coming soon...



Mon, 11/173:00-4:00pmBudgeting and Forecasting by David Doerring. Specific topics include: Why you want a personal budget, How businesses use budgets, Capturing the relevant information to build a budget, Building a budgeting tool (Excel), Inputs for a better forecast, and Building a forecast model- Wall 229 Sign Up


TBDPanel of Executives Discussing the Employer’s Perspective in Hiring and Developing New Employees. The Panel will conclude with a Q&A Session Answering Questions on Other Aspects of Career Development and Management- Wall 229Sign Up


TBDBuilding your Online Reputation by Pete Gasca. Key points include: Business trends in social media, the most popular and most useful types of social media, shaping your online presence before others shape it for you, how to use social media and other online platforms as a networking, career and professional development tool, other benefits of social media, understanding the permanence and dangers of the Internet, and controlling your personal brand. Sign Up

Using LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

Main points covered in the PDA include • What is LinkedIn • How employers use LinkedIn • Setting up your own LinkedIn page • Using LinkedIn to find jobs and internships • Considerations when using linked in



Thr 11/133:00-4:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Thurs 10/22:00-3:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Budgeting for Your Future

In this PDA you will learn how to manage your finances. Topics include creating a personal budget, credit card, loan, and other debt management strategies, retirement options, and financial and personal goal-setting.



Wed, 9/174:00-5:00pmWall 229Sign Up

The National Society of Leadership and Success Speaker Series

The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. This semester the Society will sponsor the following webcasts. For more information about the Society and for the complete speaker bios visit: http://www.societyleadership.org/events/speakers.php



TBASign Up

Numbers and Bytes Club Speaker Series

Numbers and Bytes is a club focused on technology, networking, job opportunities, and gaming. The schedule of PDA approved events hosted by the N&B club is listed below. More events coming soon...



TBASign Up

Identity Theft Awareness and Compliance

This PDA will be delivered by Legal Shield Group Benefits Specialists Sherri Miller and Ann Palmer. Key topics of the workshop include: What is Identity Theft, Types of Identify Theft, Recent Trends, Prevention and Restoration Strategies, How to Safeguard Your Identify Online, Data Breaches, Your Digital Footprint, Business Compliance Requirements and Protecting Your Consumers and Employees



Mon, 9/29l0:00-11:00amWall 229Sign Up

Faculty Mentoring Sessions

Each department within the Wall College of Business arranges mentoring sessions in which students have the opportunity to meet faculty members, and learn about the majors, internships, career, research and leadership opportunities in their discipline. See below for the schedule of mentoring sessions for this semester.

Pre-requisite: These PDAs are intended to assist students with Exploring Major and Career Options in Business.


Wed., 10/83:00-4:20pm For Accounting, Finance, and Economics Majors-Wall 222 (Wall Boardroom)Sign Up

WCOB Distinguished Speaker Series

This purpose of this program is to connect the CCU academic community with highly regarded business leaders and to strengthen the relationship between the Wall College and the business community. See below for the speaker schedule for the upcoming semester.



TBASign Up

Wall College Connections

Wall Connections is an all-day event on October 15th that will feature a variety of presentations and interactive sessions delivered by top business professionals, CCU faculty, and students centered around the theme, A Brave New E-World: Commerce in the Age of Mobile Media. Each session attended during the Wall Connections will count as an approved PDA. To earn PDA credit you must make sure to sign in with your Student ID number, name, and e-mail address during the session. For more details on the event, speakers, and schedule visit the following website: www.coastal.edu/business


Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Presentation

Representatives from the Atlanta Regional Office (ARO) of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be presenting on the following topics: Overview of the SEC, career opportunities with the SEC, saving and investing, mutual funds, variable annuities, avoiding fraud and how to research all investments prior to purchase.



Wed, 10/84:20-6:20pmWall 116Sign Up

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business (Nick)

Description: When making the “go, no go” decision for starting a new business, answering several clarifying questions can help you decide if you’re really ready for the task ahead, or if more research and planning are necessary. This PDA will walk you through those key questions. Topics include formulating a vision, idea (expanding your vision into a tangible idea), marketing (determining if there is anyone to sell it do?) and finance (if there is a market, how much do I have to charge?)



Mon, 10/610:00-11:00amWall 229Sign Up

Experience Your World -Enrich Your Life by Studying Abroad

We live in a globally connected world. Consequently, it is important for today"s college graduates to be prepared to adapt and thrive in today"s global marketplace. In this workshop, Dr. Yoav Wachsman, Director of International Programs and Special Projects, outlines the wide range of exciting study-abroad options available to students. By adding an international dimension to their education, students may be better prepared to market themselves to potential employers and to achieve their long-term career objectives. Whether the student participates in a short-term study abroad experience or a full-semester of classes at a partner institution, Coastal Carolina University will work to tailor an international experience that meets each student"s specific needs and financial resources.



Fri, 9/262:00-3:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Mon, 10/274:00-5:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 11/43:00-4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Career Insights from Business Professionals Speaker Series

These PDAs will consist of current and former business professionals discussing their work background and career progression and offering their expertise and firsthand advice as it relates to a variety of business related careers, functional areas, job types and industries.

Pre-requisite: These PDAs are intended to assist students with Exploring Major and Career Options in Business.


Th. 10/23:00-4:30pmStephen Moore is an American economic writer and policy analyst, who founded and served as president of the Club for Growth from 1999 to 2004. He was a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and frequently opines on the pages of their op-ed section. In 2014 the Heritage Foundation announced that Moore would become its chief economist. Moore is known for advocating free-market policies and supply-side economics. Mr. Moore will share his expertise as it relates the following careers/topics in economics: financial analyst and writer, budget, fiscal and monetary policy, policy debates and state issues, policy research, and advancement of policies that increase the rate of economic growth. - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 10/225:00-6:00pmDavid Doerring will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to following careers/topics in accounting and finance: Cost accounting, controller, financial analyst, and payroll. - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 10/294:00-5:00pmDavid Fink will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in marketing: Market researcher, brand manager, and marketing manager. - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 9/104:00-5:00pmDavid Fink will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in sales: Outsides salesperson and sales manager. - Wall 116 Sign Up


Wed, 9/105:00-6:00pmMike Schroll will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in technology-based businesses: Online Marketer, Business Development, Web Developer, Software Development Manager, IT Analyst, System Administrator, and Information Security Engineer. - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 9/175:00-6:00pmDavid Doerring will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in manufacturing and management: Supply chain management, manufacturing automation, production planning, transportation, procurement, and operations. - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 9/34:00-5:00pmLarry Smith will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in the healthcare and real estate industries: Corporate sales, marketing, account management, sales and investments in the real estate industry. Mr. Smith will also discuss his involvement with SCORE "Counselors to Americas Small Business". - Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 9/35:00-6:00pmDavid Doerring will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to the following careers/topics in hotel, restaurant and tourism management: Marketing and operations, customer service, and small business start-up. - Wall 116Sign Up

Renowned Speaker/Business Professional, Charlie Farrell, Talks Leadership

Charlie Farrell is a renowned keynote speaker and public speaker specializing in business training and development. He has authored numerous articles and two books. Courage to Lead, in its 8th printing, is used by many organizations in their leadership training. It is a novel containing his concepts on becoming a professional manager and leader in a rapidly changing world. Keep Your Wallet Open and Your Mouth Shut is a humorous look at how fathers can survive the wedding of a daughter. Mr. Farrell’s earlier background includes being a banking and finance graduate of the University of South Carolina where he played basketball for Coach Frank McGuire. He flew over 3,000 hours as a fighter pilot (F4, A-4, A-7, F-16) with the Marine Corps and Air National Guard. He owned two commercial printing companies before he began professional development training specializing in programs to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and personal productivity. Charlie has personally conducted over 3,000 programs for repeat clients such as General Electric, 3M, Mayo Clinic, Federal Reserve Bank, Ocean Spray Cranberry, and Michelin. Charlie is a trained mediator and attended the Harvard Law School Negotiation Workshop taught by Roger Fisher, author of Getting to Yes.



Tues, 8/261:00-2:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Workshop in Communication in Organizations , Self-perception , and Conflict Management

The knowledge of appropriate communication models and their practice orientation are an essential for the success of employees and managers. Specific topics of the workshop include: - Pivotal techniques of the communication models, such as I-messages, feedback methods, approving repetition, controlled dialogue, and recognizing speech patterns - Berne"s transactional analysis This workshop will be delivered by Dr. Gabriele Wolff from CCUs partner university in Remagen, Germany.



Wed, 11/194:00-5:00pmWall 116Sign Up

LiveWell@CCU Programs

Sponsored by Counseling Services LiveWell@CCU is a series of speakers, workshops and other programs that are centered around the topics of sexual violence, health and wellness, and diversity. The following LiveWell@CCU sessions have been approved as PDAs due to their relevance to both a school and workplace environment. Since these sessions are external to the Wall Center you will need to make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented.



Mon, 11/106:00-7:00pmTitle IX: What is it?: Title IX is a term that is now synonymous with sexual violence. Learn what Title IX is and why it has become so important. - Wall 109 Sign Up


Mon, 9/86:00-7:00pmThe Long and Endless Night: This program will teach strategies for improving sleep and addressing difficulties such as not falling asleep, waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, and un-refreshing sleep. - Wall 109Sign Up


Thur 11/136:00-7:00pmEmotion Regulation: The life of a college student is fast paced and is often hectic. Having tools to self-regulate ones emotions are valuable tools for happiness, fulfillment and inner peace. This workshop will teach easy and practical ways to self-regulate your emotions to meet the demands of modern life. - Wall 210Sign Up


Thur 11/196:00-7:00pmTaking the First steps Toward Overcoming Academic Performance and Test Anxiety: This presentation will focus on some of the key causes and practical strategies that can be used by students to address academic stress and anxiety related to schoolwork, tests and getting organized. Students will be given a variety of tools to utilize and will have the opportunity to practice during the session. - Wall 205Sign Up


Thurs 11/26:00-7:00pmStep Up Bystander Intervention: Learn more about stepping up at CCU! Students have the power to help other students. You will learn about the S.E.E. model and ways to keep our community safe. - Wall 109Sign Up


Thurs, 9/46:00-7:00pmStress Management: Join this discussion on how to recognize and approach stress from the mindfulness-based perspective. - Wall 210Sign Up


Tues 10/216:00-7:00pmFeel Better Fast: When you are feeling scared, anxious, sad, mad or whatever the feeling may be, you need some proven techniques that can help you feel better right away. These easy to learn methods will be yours to keep at the end of the session. - Wall 210Sign Up


Wed, 10/156:00-7:00pmSo Why Can"t We be Friend?: This program will teach strategies for managing conflicts with greater empathy and understanding. Communication and listening skills will be discussed. Characteristics of unhappy and happy relationships and how these relate to ineffective conflict resolution strategies will be explored. - Wall 109Sign Up


Wed, 11/196:00-7:00pmLGBTQ Issues at Work: - Wall 205Sign Up


Wed, 9/246:00-7:00pmProblem Solving: This program will teach students to evaluate information, explore feelings and expectations, and address various ways of approaching and resolving problems. - Wall 109Sign Up


Wed., 8/276:00-7:00pmCoping with Social Anxiety: Do you feel judged by others frequently? Do you fear embarrassing yourself in public? Do you avoid social situations? If the answer is yes you may have social anxiety. Check out this free presentation with helpful information, tips and strategies for dealing with social anxiety. - Wall 210Sign Up

German Students Presentations About German Universities

Are you interesting in working, traveling, studying, or just learning more about Germany? Then this PDA is perfect for you! In this session German exchange students will be making presentations on the education system and organizational structure of their universities in Germany. They will also be available for any questions that you may have about their exciting country.



Wed, 8/274:30-6:00pmWall 222 (Wall Boardroom)Sign Up

Jackson Center Events

The primary focus of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values is to cultivate awareness throughout the academic and surrounding communities of the importance and lifelong rewards of personal and professional integrity. Each year the Jackson Center for Ethics hosts a series of events for the purpose of engaging students and community members in lively discussion of ethical issues. The following Jackson Center sessions have been approved as PDAs . Since these sessions are external to the Wall Center you will need to make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented.



Thur 10/233:30-4:30pmThe Tea and Ethics Panel Discussion- Is CCU a Business - Wheelwright AuditoriumSign Up


Thur 11/133:30-4:30pmThe Tea and Ethics by Dr. Cliff Sosis- Living Well: What Does Pleasure and Happiness Have to Do With it? - Edwards Recital Hall Sign Up


Thur, 10/23:00-4:30pmJava Jabber Panel Discussion- Is College Worth the Money? - Kimbel LibrarySign Up


Wed, 9/173:30-4:30pmTea & Ethics by Dr. Dr. Susan Bergeron- Smartphone and Location Privacy: Do We Know Too Much About the Lives of Others? - Edwards Recital Hall Sign Up

Alliance Abroad Presentation on Internships in Australia

Description: Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has been the leader of international recruitment for over 20 years. Since 1992, the company has successfully matched more than 100,000 international students with many of the world’s leading tourism and hospitality companies. Representatives from the organization will be coming to campus to discuss exciting internship opportunities in Australia that you can take part in as a CCU student! For more information visit: http://www.allianceabroad.com/



Mon, 9/224:00-5:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Career Development Week

During the week of 10/10-10/24/14 there will be a series of events designed to assist you in your career and professional development. These include the following. • Internship Fair (To earn PDA credit for this event you must complete the External PDA Credit Approval form, which can be found by clicking going to: https://www.coastal.edu/business/professionaldevelopmentactivitiespdas/pdaforms/creditapproval.php. Include in the “Overview of Session” section on the form which employers you met with and why, and what you learned from the experience). • Resume Workshop (To earn PDA credit you must bring your student ID card and sign in before leaving the session) • Dress for Success & Fashion Show-Students will learn how to dress appropriately for interviews and the workplace from career counselors, recruiters and retail managers from local and national stores. Includes discussion, fashion show and door prizes from participating retailers. (To earn PDA credit you must bring your student ID card and sign in before leaving the session) • Interview Practice-Speed Dating Style!-Students will practice answering interview questions in a round-robin, speed-dating setting. Alumni and recruiters will serve as interviewers. (To earn PDA credit you must bring your student ID card and sign in before leaving the session) • Employer Buzz Sessions- Regional and National Employers will discuss their company cultures and career opportunities. Students will have the chance to network between sessions. (To earn PDA credit you must bring your student ID card and sign in before leaving the session) More information about how to sign up for these sessions coming soon…..


Economic Growth Summit

Pre-requisite: This event is on Thursday, 10/2 from 9am until noon. The event is located off campus at the Crown Reef Resort Conference Center. This event will count as two (2) PDA credits. Attendance will not be taken at the event. To earn PDA credit for this event you must complete the External PDA credit approval form, which can be found at: https://www.coastal.edu/business/professionaldevelopmentactivitiespdas/pdaforms/creditapproval.php. Event Overview: More information about this event can be found at https://www.coastal.edu/business/growthsummit/.

Startup Weekend

Pre-requisite: This event will be hosted September 12-14th, 2014 at the Lowcountry Tech Academy in the heart of downtown Charleston. 1002 King St, Charleston, SC 29403. The event will count as four (4) approved PDA credits. Attendance will not be taken at the event. To earn PDA credit you must complete the External PDA credit approval form, which can be found at: https://www.coastal.edu/business/professionaldevelopmentactivitiespdas/pdaforms/creditapproval.php. Event Overview: Startup Weekend – the 54 hour event where designers, developers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds. Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts. For more information visit Charleston.startupweekend.org. Use Code STUDENT for 25 percent off

Presentation on German Education System and Studying in Mainz

The International Coordinator for FH Mainz, which is located in Mainz, Germany, will be presenting on the German Education System and studying in Mainz. CCU has a double-degree program with Mainz at the MBA level and an exchange program for undergraduate students.



Mon., 9/223-4pmWall 229Sign Up

Transfer student Guide to the 3Ps at CCU

Programs, Policies, and Procedures – they are all part of the world as we know it. Every school and every workplace will have their own P’s, and understanding how to navigate the 3P’s is an essential life skill. Transfer students – get the answers to your questions about planning your degree program at the Wall College of Business, and find out how to make the 3P’s work for you here at CCU.

Pre-requisite: This PDA is restricted to new transfer students ONLY.


Mon, 9/29/4:00-5:20pmWall 222 (Boardroom)Sign Up