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Emergency Management

This website provides a comprehensive overview to help you prepare for an emergency.  Since an emergency may be sudden and without warning, it is critical that faculty, staff and students become familiar with the guidelines and protocol included on this site. 

We are pleased to announce the implementation of CCU Alert - a state-of-the-art notification system that enables us to send urgent emergency notifications instantly and simultaneously to all registered mobile phones, Blackberry's, wireless PDA's, etc.  In addition, for those who use Google, Yahoo or AOL as their home page, a "pop up" message will alert you about a campus emergency.  CCU does not charge to use this service; however, depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages.  Also, students may enter a mobile phone number and/or email address for a parent so that they receive the same CCU Alert message as the student in the event of an emergency.

While CCU Alert is an effective system, it can only work for those who sign-up.  Please take a minute to sign-up by clicking on the CCU Alert button on the right side of this page.

Emergency Plans

Evacuation Locations

Other Resources

CCU Alert