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Application-Based Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Application-Based Scholarships?

Answer : Application-based scholarships are generally scholarships organized by the Coastal Educational Foundation, through a variety of donations given by generous donors often through annual or endowed gifts. These scholarships have a wide variety of requirements, ranging from merit, and essay based, to certain majors, or involvement in clubs or community service on campus.

Who can apply?

Answer : Any continuing undergraduate CCU student or undergraduate student that has been accepted to the University is able to submit their application for consideration. The student does not have to be committed to attending to submit an application.

Since the deadline to apply is March 1st, a student would need to be accepted to CCU and receive access to Webadvisor prior to that date in order to apply.

How do I know which Application-Based Scholarships are available?

Answer : Beginning each December, the application-based scholarship guide will become available for viewing on the Financial Aid and Scholarships webpage. This guide will contain a complete listing of the application-based scholarships that will be available in this year’s cycle. The listing will vary each year as more Coastal Educational Foundation Scholarships become available and funding levels change.

How do I apply for Application-Based Scholarships?

Answer : Beginning each December, the online application will become available on Webadvisor under the Financial Aid section. Students may click on the ‘apply for application-based scholarships link’ and follow the instructions to successfully submit the application. With one application, students are able to apply for multiple scholarships. The deadline to apply each year is March 1st.

Some scholarships require ‘additional requirements’ such as an essay or documentation. Students should follow the instructions on how to successfully submit any ‘additional requirements’ by the March 1st deadline.

How do I know which Application-Based Scholarships I’ve applied for?

Answer : Students will be able to view which scholarships they’ve applied on Webadvisor under the Financial Aid section. Students may click on the ‘list of scholarships you’ve applied for’ link to view the listing, and find what ‘additional requirement’ information needs to be submitted if any.

What is the value of each Application-Based Scholarship?

Answer : It varies by scholarship and funding levels each year.

When will I be notified if I have been awarded a Scholarship?

Answer : All applicants will be notified by May 1st. Students who have been selected to receive a scholarship will be notified with an official offer letter via U.S. mail. Students who have not been selected will receive notice through email.

Can I receive multiple Application-Based Scholarships?

Yes, there is not a limit to the number of application-based scholarships a student may receive, provided the amount awarded does not exceed the student’s cost of attendance.

Am I required to enroll full time to receive a scholarship?

Generally yes; with the exception to some of the application-based scholarships, all scholarships require full time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours) each semester.

If I meet the requirements, will I be guaranteed a scholarship?

Unfortunately no; each year there are a limited number of awards that are able to be made for each application-based scholarship based on the amount of funding available. More often than not the number of applicants who meet the requirements is greater than the number of awards that are able to be made; therefore the opportunity to award every student who meets the requirements is just not possible.

What are my chances for receiving a scholarship?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the scholarship, and the number of eligible applicants. Our best advice is to be sure that your application is complete by the March 1st deadline, especially submission of any ‘additional requirements’. Incomplete applications are not able to be considered, and each year there are numerous applicants who do not submit the required essay etc. that is needed to be considered for the award.