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Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality.  The specific information about your health  history and current  health  status contained in your health record will not be released to any unauthorized  individual without your written consent, except where  permitted/required  by law, in compliance with Privacy Standards set forth  in the Health Insurance Portability  and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of  1996  and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

CCU Student Health Services patients have a right to:

Humane Care and Treatment.  All staff members in the Student Health Services will  treat you with respect, dignity, and consideration, and without discrimination as to race, color,  religion, age, sexual orientation,  ability,  national origin, economic status, or political beliefs, and with  consideration of your cultural, social, and religious  preferences.
Participate in Your Health Care and  Treatment.  You are a full  partner  in your own  health care.  You have the right to  complete current  information  necessary to make an informed decision about procedures and  treatments, including the refusal  of care and/or resolution of any conflicts about care decisions. You have the  right to change providers (Consult with Director  of Student Health Services).

Conflict  Resolution.  The Director of  Student Health Services and  medical  providers shall ensure that your questions, complaints, and concerns are  heard, and appropriate actions taken to attempt to resolve the  conflict.  Other Student Health Services staff members  may be involved in  this  process.

Know  Your Health Care Providers.  The  name and function of any  person  responsible for your care and anyone involved with your care will  be provided to  you.  Specific information about staff  training, credentials,  and  experience is available to you through the Office of the Director of Student  Health Services.
Access.  Student Health Services has accessible  entrances, doorways,  restrooms  and water fountains, to ensure access for all.   A TDD  (Telecommunication  Device for the Deaf) is available at the front desk to  handle telephone calls from/to hearing  impaired patients.  Interpreters are  available  from Disability Services and other University sources to assist patients experiencing  language or communication barriers.

Accurate  Information.  You will be given  complete and accurate
          information,  to the extent known, concerning your diagnosis, treatment, and the  prognosis for illness, injury, or any other health-related condition. 

Security  of Self and Others.  You have the  right to feel safe and secure  when  you are in the Student   Health Center.  Your valuables and  belongings will be protected  and secure during your visit.

Fee  Information.  You have access to  information about fees for the  services  you receive.  An itemized statement of  charges is provided to you at  the end of your visit for the services you have received.  The medical  record  staff and medical providers will address questions regarding charges  and fees.

Participation  in Research Projects.  You have  the right to know if any  aspect  of your care is being used for research, investigational studies, or clinical trials.  You have the right to refuse to participate  without jeopardy  to your health care.

Pain  Management.  You have the right  to communicate any issues of  pain  or pain management with your medical provider.   All concerns about  pain  issues will be taken seriously and addressed appropriately.

CCU Student Health Services patients also have a responsibility to:

Communicate  with Your Health Care Provider.   It is important that  you  provide full, honest, and accurate information about your illness or  problem to allow  proper evaluation and treatment.  Let your  health care provider  know if your condition worsens or if your recuperation does not  follow  the expected course for recovery.

Ask  Questions.  Ask specific  questions about your current illness or other  health  problem, your health care provider’s treatment recommendations,  and additional  treatment costs.

Voice  Your Concerns.  Your comments,  complaints, and ideas are valued and  can be submitted in person or in writing and will be reviewed and  considered by  the Student Health Services staff.

Treat  Others Courteously.  Student  Health Services staff members and  other  patients are people, too; please treat them with the courtesy and  respect they  deserve.

Use  Medications Properly. Do not  give medications prescribed for your  needs  to others. 

Pay For  Any Charges You Accrue.  It is  your responsibility to pay for  any  charges you accrue.


251 University Boulevard
Across the street from Baxley Hall
(east side of University Blvd)
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Mailing Address

Student Health Services
Coastal Carolina University
251 University Boulevard
Conway, South Carolina 29526

Telephone:  843-349-6543
Facsimile:    843-349-6546


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