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Chair's Message (Cont.)

Professor Brian Nance‌‌

The Department's faculty pursue the study of these fields through many different historical lenses and methodologies, including political, intellectual, cultural, social, military, and anthropological. Our courses range from well-developed survey courses examining major historical events and patterns of change-over-time to closely analyzed explorations of major historical debates and pivotal events.

The History Department's primary goal is to support the discovery and communication of historical knowledge. To this end, we offer a B.A. in History, a History Minor, and an Anthropology Minor. Our ambition is to inculcate all Coastal students in the fundaments of historical knowledge through the teaching of Core Curriculum courses that include dual sequences in American History, European History, World History, and Anthropology. We train our Majors in the methods and processes of historical research, creative inquiry, and articulate writing, and we prepare advanced students for graduate studies in various areas. As a group, we support collaborative learning among faculty, students, colleagues and the educated public across the state, country and world. The History Department is home to three academic support Centers: the Waccamaw Center for Historical and Cultural Studies, the Center for Archaeology and Anthropology, and the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. Through these and other collaborative interdisciplinary arrangements, we pursue greater learning through community outreach programs, public lectures, and continuing education.

Please visit our Departmental offices in Brittain Hall to find out more about our faculty, students and educational offerings.


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