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 Professor Brian NanceWith it's primary goal as the discovery and communication of historical knowledge, the History Department offers a B.A. in History, and Minors in History, in Anthropology, and in Peace and Conflict Studies. Our Core Curriculum courses provide historical training for all Coastal in American, European, and World History, as well as in Anthropology. We train over 200 Majors and Minors in the methods of historical research, creative inquiry, ‌and articulate writing, and provide specialized training such as internships, Senior Theses, and other services to high-acheiving students as preparation for graduate school and other professional jobs. We support collaborative learning among faculty, students, colleagues and the educated public across the state, country and world. The Department houses the Waccamaw Center for Cultural and Historical Studies, the Laurence B. and Jane P. Clark Chair in History, and the Burroughs Research Fund. Through these and other collaborative interdisciplinary arrangements, we pursue greater learning through community outreach programs, public lectures, and continuing education.


Positions Open

Student Graders (3) The department seeks three graders to assist professors with a variety of course-related activities. History majors with at least 75 hours credit and a 3.5 or better GPA should apply by responding to this email by next Wednesday. Students may work up to 15 hours a week at a rate of $11 per hour.


Tutor (1) The department seeks a tutor with at least 75 hours of credit and a 3.5 or better GPA. The successful candidate should have completed most or all of the six survey courses (101, 102, 111, 112, 201, 202),  and should apply by responding to this email by next Wednesday, August 20. Students may work up to 15 hours a week at the rate of $11 per hour.


Internships (2)

Internships will be awarded to two qualified history students for the fall semester. Interns will assist in conserving and digitizing visual archives at the Horry County Museum. They may also gain experience in research, editing, and composing for publication. In addition to 3 hours cognate credit in an HFA course, students’ names will be credited in the resulting publication. There are no regular class meetings, but students may be required to work on Tuesdayafternoons and/or evenings. Applicants must be junior or senior History majors with a suitable academic record and the maturity to work independently. Direct inquiries to Dr. Prince (prince@coastal.edu).