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Forms and Requests

Below are links to various forms you made need during your time as a resident.

Housing exemptions are granted prior to a student filling out the housing application and agreeing to the University Housing License Agreement. To review the policy (STUD-181) and possible exemptions, go to the University Policies website. Once students have applied for housing and signed the agreement, they cannot request a housing exemption.

Students who have applied for housing and agreed to the University Housing License Agreement inquiring about a release from their current license agreement should meet with their Resident Director (RD) to find out if they are eligible for a release from housing license agreement, to discuss the timeline and documentation required, and to obtain the appropriate forms.

For housing or meal plan accommodations, exemptions or releases due to a medical necessity, the Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations Student and Physician Forms should be completed. They are located on the Accessibility and Disability Services website and should be submitted to their office and not University Housing. The documentation must be provided by the diagnosing or treating physician and will be reviewed by group of CCU professionals representing Accessibility and Disability Services, the Student Health Services, Dining Services, and University Housing.

License Agreement Appeal Request Process

Incident Reporting Form

Housing Requirement Exemption Request

Meal Plan Exemption Request

Box Meal Form for Sick Students

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