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Retirement Disability

If you are an active SCRS member with at least five years of earned service credit, you may apply for disability retirement if your disability is likely to be permanent. Service will be projected to age 65 with an applicable actuarial reduction. The five-year requirement is waived if you can substantiate that you disability is the result of a job-related injury. You should file your application for disability retirement as soon as you become disabled and before you are removed from your employer’s payroll. If you do not receive notification of our receipt of your application within 10 days after you submitted it, please contact Customer Services. If approved, your effective date for your annuity will be no earlier than the 30th day after your application is received by the Retirement Systems or the day after the last day paid, whichever is later. Disability retirement applications are subject to a detailed evaluation and a Retirement Systems Medical Board for approval.

Periodic medical reexaminations may be required up to age 65. Your disability annuity is subject to being discontinued or reduced if you regain a certain earning capacity. At age 65, the same earnings limitation amounts will apply as for a service retiree.