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Upcoming Dates



Ecotones 2015 - 2019

Partnering Institutions:

Upcoming Dates

Ecotones is a program that spans over the next five years. Please see the dates for the provisional events below.


2015    mid- June         Launching Ecotones 1 in Montpellier: New Ecotones (see the Call for Papers)


2015    1-3 October     Celebrating the Guyanas #1 in Amsterdam

                                    1st event of the 3-G Network


2016    9-11 June         Celebrating the Guyanas #2 in Montpellier

                                    2nd event of the 3-G Network


2016    27-29 October  Celebrating the Guyanas #3 in London

                                    3rd event of the 3-G Network


2017    early June         Ecotones 2 at Migrinter Poitiers: Migrating Ecotones


2018    early June        Ecotones 3 


2019    mid-June          Ecotones 4