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Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are an important part of Coastal Carolina University's commitment to excellence in teaching. At the end of each semester, Coastal collects student feedback about courses and instructors. This student feedback helps:

  • Instructors - to modify and improve their teaching 
  • Deans and department chairs - to evaluate faculty
  • Departments and committees - to review candidates for tenure and promotion, gather data for assessment, and make curricular changes

Beginning with the Fall 2013 semester, Coastal has moved to an online, rather than paper, course evaluation system. The University anticipates considerable savings (and environmental benefits) by reducing the amount spent on paper and printing. In addition, changing to online course evaluations will free up considerable time for staff members to work on other important tasks, will provide results more quickly to departments, and increase class time available for other priorities in the last week of the semester. No more No. 2 pencils, no more moving packets of paper around campus, and no more trying to decipher handwritten comments!

An excellent, well-documented resource for questions about response rates and the accuracy of online course evaluations may be found at the University of Oregon's website.

The course evaluation system is administered through the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis. Information about the course evaluation system is available on this website, by emailing irsurvey@coastal.edu or by contacting the IRAA staff.

The course evaluation calendar for Fall 2014 is:


Regular Fall
Fall I Fall II
Evaluations open to students at
8 a.m.; invitation sent to g.coastal.edu address

November 10

September 23

December 1

1st reminder email

November 20

September 29

December 5

2nd reminder email

December 1



Evaluations close to students at
midnight; final reminder email

December 4

October 1

December 9

Finals (or WebAdvisor's end of
course for short semesters)

December 5

October 2

December 10