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Tea & Ethics Series

The Tea & Ethics event series is the flagship of The Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values.  Usually held two or three times a semester, Tea & Ethics presents specific and interesting issues within the philosophical school of ethics.  Prior to the actual presentation and after the presentation as well, attendees are encouraged to enjoy complimentary tea, snacks and lively discussion.  The presentation format varies widely, from a single speaker to panel style, and the Center has also hosted guest presenters for some events.

The Tea and Ethics events planned for Fall 2013 are listed below. Please check on the current schedule for dates, times and locations for these upcoming events.


9/12/2013           "Friendship" in the Age of Social Media

10/31/2013          Sex and College Life: Hooking Up, STDs, and Consent

11/14/2013          Morality and Religion

1/30/2014            Edward Snowden and the Ethics of Whistleblowing

2/5/2014              Sun Tzu's Art of War: What Does Ancient Chinese Thought Have to Do with Contemporary

3/26/2014            What is Wrong with Politics Today?


If you are interested in learning about our past Tea & Ethics events, please take a look at our Past Tea & Ethics Events page which will eventually link to blurbs, the original flyer for the event, and linked video of the presentation (if we have it).