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The Coastal Carolina University Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, which is designed for students interested in the study of music in a liberal arts framework. Within this framework, emphases in various areas of music are dependent on the needs of students and their objectives. Students develop musicianship, performance ability, and capabilities in the use of principles and procedures that lead to an intellectual grasp of the art. Within the B.A. in music, the student may choose between three different tracks: music education, music performance, or music general studies. This gives the student the opportunity to choose a curricular path that fits his/her personal interests. 

The music education track is designed for students looking to pursue careers in public school music education. In addition to the music core curriculum, music education students will also take classes in brass, woodwind, percussion, and voice methods. These and other upper level education classes are designed to prepare the student to handle classroom life, and enter the teaching profession confidently. 

The music performance curriculum puts emphasis on building the necessary skills to perform with professional music ensembles. It is also designed to give students valuable solo performance experiences, which build confidence and help the students become comfortable performing as soloists. Music performance students are required to complete two recitals, play in several ensembles, and take additional music theory and history courses beyond the standard music core curriculum.

The music general studies track is for students who seek a broad program of general music education rather that intense specialization in the undergraduate years.  

Regardless of the musical path the student wants to follow, there are many careers for which the B.A. in Music provides a good background. Graduates of the Coastal music program are currently working in a variety of musical fields, including: music performance, music education, arts administration, copyright and entertainment business law, music publishing, and music technology.




The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program is the 5th year of a 5-year program designed for students who have a bachelor's degree in music and who desire to obtain a K-12 teaching certificate. Students completing the entire 5-year program at Coastal Carolina University earn the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, majoring in music/music education track for four years, and the MAT degree to complete professional education requirements. During the 4th year of undergraduate work, application is made to the Spadoni College of Education. The MAT work requires one year, June-August. Students may elect to work toward licensure in either instrumental or vocal/general music. The curriculum includes a strong music performance emphasis; a solid foundation in music literature, theory, and the liberal arts; undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and education; and practica (practical experience), with internship opportunities in the spring semester of the MAT work. The liberal arts core is adapted to fulfill state licensure requirements. The music electives ordinarily associated with the BA in Music curriculum are, for students in the five-year program, devoted to prerequisites for the MAT degree and for the teaching license; thus, there are very few free elective hours in this curriculum. A limited number of competitive Graduate Assistantships are available through the Spadoni College of Education.

Admission to Program
Students seeking admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program must meet the admissions criteria of the School of Graduate Studies. In order to be eligible for admission to the MAT in Music program, students must have earned a bachelor's degree in music from Coastal Carolina University or an accredited institution. An audition is required for acceptance. This requirement can be satisfied by the successful completion of a 400 level senior recital during the Coastal Carolina University undergraduate degree. Outside candidates, or candidates that have not successfully completed a 400 level senior recital, must schedule an audition.

For specific details, please go to the Spadoni College of Education website or contact Dr. Tonya Propst (843-349-6478).