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OLLI Board of Volunteer Leaders

OLLI at CCU Board of Volunteer Leaders

The Board of Volunteer Leaders (BOVL) for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Coastal Carolina University was organized in the spring of 2012. The group will contribute to OLLI’s mission “to provide opportunities for older adult, noncredit students to achieve intellectual stimulation, as well as cultural and social growth, while fostering a close, lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the students and the University.” The success of this program is dependent upon the active support and participation of the OLLI Board of Volunteer Leaders, who have a significant role in assisting the Lifelong Learning student body in achieving their objectives.

The initial board membership was filled by invitation and voluntary participation. One- to three-year terms for future rotation
and continuity were agreed upon, with voluntary commitments, as follows: Doris Gleason, Sally Z. Hare, Mike Kohler –
three-year terms; Nancy Davis, D’Ann O’Donovan, Lisa Rosof – two-year terms; Ellen Elliot, John Kenny, Diane Moskow-
McKenzie, Carole vanSickler – one-year terms. Two ex-officio members from the University include Provost Ralph Byington
(or his designee Associate Provost Sallie Clarkson) and Director Linda Ketron.

BOVL officers include Co-Chairs D’Ann O’Donovan and Mike Kohler and Secretary Lisa Rosof, elected for the term May 2012-January 2014. In addition, five standing committees include:

Membership Committee – Chair Carole vanSickler responsible for outreach for new members, membership fee review, speakers bureau to promote OLLI and other tasks as identified;

Nominating Committee – Chair Nancy Davis, responsible for providing a slate of additional members with skills and diversity from the geographic area served;

Program Committee – Chair Sally Z. Hare, responsible for identifying and presenting programs for inclusion in the semester offerings;

Communications Committee – Chair John Kenny, responsible for assessing and proposing methods for communicating with the membership.

Fundraising Committee – Chair Linda Ketron, responsible for researching and proposing the strategy approved by the board.

Gifts and Donations to OLLI
Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and important to the current and future operations of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Coastal Carolina University.

The Coastal Educational Foundation-OLLI is an endowment fund whose principal grows over time with contributions and whose annual earnings may be transferred into the general budget for special purchases (e.g., computer upgrades, an OLLI mini-bus) or expenditures (e.g., special projects or events that benefit the membership).

Donations to this account may be in the form of cash, stock or other financial gifts. A line on the registration form indicates your interest in making such a donation.

Contributions may be made anytime or at a special time in honor of a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. An announcement will be sent to the honoree and an acknowledgment will be sent to the donor.

If you would like to discuss a bequest in your will, charitable trust or other planned giving options, please contact the Office of Philanthropy, 843-349-2007 or visit their website at coastal.edu/philanthropy.

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