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OLLI Excursions


Lowcountry Excursions  ~  History, Nature, Culture  ~

Fall 2014

Join Robin McCall on a series of Southern historical, cultural and natural history excursions. Fee includes van, driver, guide and entrance fees; lunch extra. Vans depart from Conway and/or Litchfield. Students will be called with specific departure/return times, but plan on a full day. Activity Level: 1 (moderate) to 5 (extensive). Registration required one week in advance; refunds for cancellations made a week prior or if a replacement is found.


Sept.   17 (Wed.)

Bellamy  Mansion & Cape Fear Museum, Wilmington, NC     $55         XHIST 457 L01                  3

We’ll head north to visit the Bellamy   Mansion located in historic downtown Wilmington on Market Street.

One of NorthCarolina’s finest examples   of Greek revival architecture – 22 rooms! In the afternoon, we’ll visit the

Cape Fear Museum.                                                            

Sept.   20 (Sat.)

Scottish   Games at Boone Hall                                                $55        XHIST 457 L03                 5

This will be a day packed with   activities: Olympic games, Scottish music, highland dancing and more than 25   bagpipe

bands echoing through the beautiful   live oaks. Great food – we’ll try some Haggis!                                                             

Sept.   24 (Wed.)

Behind   the Scenes at the Charleston Museum                      $55         XHIST 457 L04                3

The Charleston Museum was founded in   1773, making it America’s first museum. Come with us as we take a peek behind

the scenes at the hidden rooms of the   museum. Do you know what a “bettle” room is for? Fashion and fiction, all   kinds of

textiles, flags, wedding gowns, shoes –   Jane Austen would approve. Antique swords and guns and shelves of silver. 

Sept.   25 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)            $45        XHIST 457 L05                2 

Oct.   1 (Wed.)

Patriots   Point, USS Yorktown, Charles Pinckney House       $45       XHIST 457 L07                5

Walk in the footsteps of heroes. Three   amazing vessels, 28 historic aircraft and the Medal of Honor Museum. On the

way home, we stop at the national   historic site, home of Charles Pinckney, one of the principal framers of the   U.S. Constitution.                                                            

Oct.   2 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)              $45         XHIST 457 L08               2 

Oct.   3 (Fri.)

Florence   Flower Festival & Darla Moore Botanical Garden    $55         XHIST 457 L09               5

45,000 square feet of sheds filled to   the brim with produce and plants. Several family-owned nurseries complete   with

gardens, greenhouses and gift shops,   plus a large selection of statuary products. We won’t miss the 100-year-old   barn

that houses a potter’s studio. In the   afternoon we’ll visit a living museum, displaying quality native plants that   thrive here.                                                                

Oct.   8 (Wed.)

Fort   Sumter                                                                              $55        XHIST 457 L10                4

One of America’s most historic   landmarks! We’ll cross Charleston harbor by boat to the fort where we’ll walk   and

explore all of the historic places,   followed by lunch at the Market Pavilion. 

Oct.   15 (Wed.)

Senior   Day at the State Fair, Columbia                                   $55        XHIST 457 L11                5

Free ferris wheel rides and other   special activities geared especially for seniors, plus livestock, art shows, flower   displays.

Oct.   16 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)               $45        XHIST 457 L12                2 

Oct.   17 (Fri.)

Charleston   Culinary Tour                                                          $75        XHIST 457 L13               4

Walk, talk and taste your way through   Charleston on this exclusive culinary adventure where you will experience

distinctive food and warm hospitality.   This tour was featured in Southern Living, Bon   Appetit and on the Food   Network.                                                         

Oct.   22 (Wed.)

 Hopsewee   & Hampton Historic Sites, McClellanville              $60       XHIST 457 L14                 4

Hopsewee, a National Historic Landmark,   is a preservation rather than a restoration. Only five families have owned   it,

although it was built almost 40 years   before the Revolutionary War. Hampton Plantation was home to several prominent

 families of Colonial and Antebellum S.C.,   including Rutledges, Horrys and Pinckneys. 

Oct.   24 (Fri.)

Civil   War Museum & Citadel Dress Parade                               $55       XHIST 457 L15                 4

We’ll explore the Daughters of the   Confederacy Museum, a Greek Revival building from 1831 which served as a   recruiting

station during the Civil War. The   collection includes cannons, uniforms, swords, flags and other artifacts of   the Civil War.

Lunch at a very special surprise.   Afterward, we tour the Citadel Museum, Summerall Chapel and, at 3:30, the   dress parade.                                                             

Oct.   30 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)                $45      XHIST 457 L16                   2 

Oct.   31 (Fri.)

Birds   of Prey Tour & Flight Demo, Awendaw & McClellanville $60      XHIST 457 L17                  3

In 2002 the Rice family of Charleston   donated 152 acres in Charleston County for this state-of-the-art Avian

Conservation Center.  Internationally recognized, the center hosts   owls, bald eagles, falcons, wild hawks and other

birds of prey.                                                             

Nov.   6 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)                  $45      XHIST 457 L18                   2 

Nov.   8 (Sat.)

Secessionville   at Boone Hall Plantation                                      $55      XHIST 457 L19                   5

Step back in time at Boone Hall   Plantation as more than 300 re-enactors present what life was like during the   Civil War.

Watch as the Calvary takes the field on   horseback during intense cannon fire. Shop more than 100 vendors specializing  

in vintage hats, clothing, guns, art   and books.                                                            

Nov.   13 (Thurs.)

Sandy   Island Tour (see   page 16 for tour description)                  $45      XHIST 457 L20                   2 

Dec.   3 (Wed.)

Mepkin   Abbey Creche Festival & the Canal Museum                  $55       XHIST 457 L22                  4

Enjoy the private collection of   nativity scenes displayed at this special time. Originally a rice plantation   with plats dating

back to 1762, Mepkin was purchased in   1936 by Henry and Clare Boothe Luce, who restored the gardens and developed

the equestrian and hunting activities.   In 1949 the Luce family gave the property to the Roman Catholic Church for a monastic   foundation. 

Dec.   5 (Fri.)

The   Grove Inn/Marion                                                                 $45       XHIST 457 L23                  4

Located on 10 acres in the heart of   Marion is a beautiful Eastlake-Style manor house completed in 1895, a   7,000-square

foot mansion furnished with antiques   and historical mementos. Lunch in an old bank building, then the Marion   Museum.                                                               

Dec.   10 (Wed.)

Governor’s   Mansion & the State House , Columbia                     $55      XHIST 457 L24                   4

Built in 1855, the Governor’s Mansion   was spared during Sherman’s burning of Columbia. More than just the   governor’s

residence, it features rooms of antique   silver, china, furniture, paintings and documents. The State House, built in   1875 in

the Greek Revival style features 27   monuments, carvings, doric columns, stained glass windows and the copper   dome. 

Dec.   12 (Fri.)

John’s   Island Festival of Lights                                                    $50     XHIST 457 L25                    3                                                               

Dec.   17 (Wed.)

Governor’s   Mansion & the State House, Columbia (see Dec. 10)  $55     XHIST 457 L26                   4