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CINO Ignite


CINO Ignite is a weekend leadership retreat that hopes to ignite a revolution of sophomore students who will step forward as oustanding leaders on campus. After being nominated by a faculty or staff member, students can apply to participate in CINO Ignite

The weekend retreat will take place in the local Myrtle Beach area.  The 40-50 students who attend CINO Ignite will be challenegd to learn from each other and become stronger leaders who can impact Coastal's campus as they continue through their academic careers.

The event will be in the spring 2014 semester beginning on the Friday prior to the opening of the residence halls and the start of classes on Monday.  Students will be given a broad array of experiences while encouraging them to challenege their ideas of a leader and their leadership styles.

To request more information please contact Nicholas DeStefano at ndestefan@coastal.edu

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