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CINO Legacy


The CINO Legacy program is an exclusive leadership program for junior and senior students looking to leave their legacy at Coastal. Each year a CINO Legacy class of 25 students will be selected through an intense application process. The program is open to all junior and senior students, but prefernce will be given to those who have completed all prior programs in the CINO Leadership series

CINO Legacy is the capstone to the CINO Leadership Series. It is a longer format that will last throughout the academic year on a monthly basis. The program will start witha weekend retreat for the 25 particpants in the fall semester. Throughout the year the CINO Legacy class will particpate in monthly seminars. Along with each seminar there will be a subsequent civic engagement activity to follow.

Topics to be covered at monthly seminars include:

Social Justice, Critical Problem Solving, Managing Others, Civic Duty, Leadership in the Community, and many more. 


More information about CINO Legacy will be posted as it becomes available. The application process will begin at the start of the Fall 2013 semester. Please direct any and all questions to Nicholas DeStefano, ndestefan@coastal.edu