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Current Research Projects


Drs. Darden and Smith

1. The Effects of a Weighted Bat Warm-Up on Anticipation Timing and Bat Velocity

2. Reliability of the iSAM 9000 Isokinetic Dynamometer

T. Meyler

1. Effects of Exergaming on Balance with Older Adults

2. Effects of Exergaming and Traditional Physical Activity on Reported Health, Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Responses

Lisa Barella, Stacey Beam, Will Lyerly, Greg Martel, Time Meyler, Brooke Towner

1.The Effects of Multisensory Gaming on Balance, Cognitive Function, and Fall Risk

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Conway, SC 29528


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Williams-Brice 117


Cheryl Smith
Administrative Assistant

Lynn Mummey
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Gibson Darden
Department Chair