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Students will experience learning that has the potential to be “life-changing”.  Often, they will interact with individuals and situations in ways that could never occur in a classroom.  Students involved in service learning are more engaged in their education and receive a greater academic, cultural and social experience.


    • builds on knowledge and skills relevant to the student’s academic program
    • develops a higher level of comprehension in connecting classroom theory with practice
    • requires students to compare and contrast expected learning to their actual learning
    • provides opportunities to learn from individuals of different ethnic, social, lifestyle and educational backgrounds
    • develops enhanced leadership and empathetic skills
    • provides a platform for students to re-evaluate their attitudes, values,  prejudices, and beliefs about the world in which they live

Robert Bulsza, LPC

Director of Internships and Service Learning
Career Services Center
PO Box 261954
Conway SC 29528

Phone (843) 234-3450
Fax (843) 349-2718