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Tuition & Fees

Click here to view 2013-14 Tuition/Cost of Attendance


Undergraduate Tuition 2014-15 (per semester)

Full-Time      12-18 credit hours
In-State $5,070
Out-of-State $11,740
Part-Time       11 credit hours or less
In-State                 $425/per credit hour
Out-of-State $975/per credit hour

 Graduate Tuition 2014-15 (per semester)

 Per credit hour
In-State $521
Out-of-State $945

*Expenses for books are NOT included in tuition cost.
**Tuition reflects the Technology Fee required of all students:
$90/semester for full-time undergraduate students, $5/credit hour for part-time and graduate students.



University Housing Rates 2014-15 (per semester)

Residence HallOccupancyRate
Ingle/Eaglin Triple $2,425
Ingle/Eaglin Double $2,720
Ingle/Eaglin Single $2,970
Woods Single $2,970
Gardens Double or Shared $2,775
University Place Double $3,260
University Place Single $3,665

 *Rates include the Housing Technology Fee required of all students living in the Residence Halls.



Meal Plans 2014-15 (per semester)


A residential meal plan is required for all freshmen and sophomores living in residence halls for Fall and Spring semesters. Other meal plan options are available for all other students. Details on other meal plan options can be found at http://www.coastal.edu/aramark.

$1,500 - Unlimited Meal Plan: All-you-can-eat weekly meals + $100 dining dollars

$1,400 - Bronze Meal Plan: 14 meals per week + $150 dining dollars

$1,300 - Teal Meal Plan: 10 meals per week + $200 dining dollars (Not available for first-year students in University Housing.)


Three commuter meal plans are also available:

$600 - 80 all-you-can-eat meals + $140 dining dollars

$400 - 50 all-you-can-eat meals + $100 dining dollars

$275 - 30 all-you-can-eat meals + $55 dining dollars


You may purchase a commuter meal plan online or in our office.

All-You-Can-Eat Meals:

  • Served on-campus in Hicks Dining Hall.

Dining Dollars:

  • For use only at one of our on-campus food facilities
  • Pay as you go
  • Works like a bank debit card
  • Make a purchase and the total is subtracted from the balance in your account
  • Expires at the end of each semester. Any unused balances will be forfeited.
  • (This is not the same as CINO Cash.)

You may purchase a commuter meal plan online or in the Office of Student Accounts.



  • Pay as you go
  • Works like a bank debit card
  • Make a purchase and the total is subtracted from the balance in your account
  • Use at any of our campus food facilities, participating local restaurants and various departments on campus. To see a full listing of where CINO cash is accepted, please visit www.coastal.edu/cinocard.


Miscellaneous Fees  2014-15

TECHNOLOGY FEE (mandatory)  
Full-Time Undergraduate students $90 (per semester)
Part-Time Undergraduate students $5/credit hour
Graduate students $5/credit hour
Application Fee (non-refundable) $45
Application Fee/Readmit (non-refundable) $15
Enrollment Deposit (credited to bill) $100
Diploma Fee $35
Diploma Fee with $25 Late Fee (deadline varies per semester) $60
Orientation Fee (non-refundable; freshman/transfer students only) $140/$70(transfer)
Parking Decal (per academic year) $75
Payment Plan Application Fee (non-refundable; Fall & Spring semesters only) $35 (per semester)
Payment Plan Late Fee $25
Returned Check Fee $30
Transcript Fee $5
Business Major Fee (per semester, Fall and Spring semesters only) $50
Lab Fees on select courses (see Office of Registrar for complete list) $25-$200 (per course)
Professional Golf Management (PGM) Fees (for select courses) $490-$1,705/course
Study Abroad/Travel Course Fees $315-$385/credit hour
Short-Term Study Abroad Application Fee $25
Housing Application Fee (non-refundable) $50
Advance Housing Fee (non-refundable; credited to bill) $100
Housing Technology Fee $75 (per semester)