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Coastal Carolina University Chaplain Council provides students and the campus community support in their spiritual engagement and growth.  Members of the council are recognized by the University.  Chaplains agree to serve students and to honor the diverse religious traditions each individual brings to our community and make recommendations to the University in regards to faith based programs.  Chaplains may be asked to serve in official ceremonies, provide support to the campus during crisis and participate in other programs as available. 

Council MemberAffiliationOffice Phone Number
Rev. Russ Bennett Cornerstone Church 843-685-6337
Rev. Mark Burlinson Christ Community Church 843-347-3777
Rev. Leslie H. Mclver, Sr. Christ United Methodist Church 843-450-9956
Rev. Henry M. Moody, Jr. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America 843-992-8425
Rev. Rhett Talbert, Jr. Kingston Presbyterian Church 843-333-3038
Rev. Tim Lijewski St. James Catholic Church 803-603-3718
Rev. Angelo Pappas St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church 843-467-3379
Rev. Timothy McCray The Father’s House 843-467-0050
Rev. Tom Woodle The Well By the Sea Episcopal Church 843-457-1057