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Eco-Rep Leadership Program

The Eco-Rep Leadership Program‌ 

Mission: To foster environmental literacy and behavior within the campus and the community by equipping student leaders with leadership skills and the knowledge of sustainability. 

Who Are Eco-Reps?  Eco-Rep Leaders are select undergraduate students who are leaders that represent the Sustainability Initiative at Coastal Carolina University. They are leaders and peer educators who model and promote environmental responsibility. Eco-Rep Leaders work to develop programs and events that challenge their peers and the campus community to adopt more sustainable behaviors. 

Program Goals and Benefits:

  • Leadership and peer education training
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Event planning and management skills
  • Knowledge of local, regional and national sustainability topics
  • Experience of working with others with shared interest of sustainability
  • Semester stipend of $400 (after fulfilling expectations and requirements of the program)

To apply for the Eco-Rep Leadership Program for the Fall 2014, applications will be available in April 2014.



Meet the Spring 2014 Eco-Rep Leaders


Maria Ferio - Eco-Rep Coordinator

Major: Political Science

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Sustainable Living Tip: The kinder and calmer your interactions are with others, the easier it is to want to take care of the environment.

Favorite Anything: My favorite flower is the sun flower because they grow facing the sun. This symbolizes positivity and always finding a bright side.

Shelby Farmer 

Major: Sociology

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

Sustainable Living Tip: Think about the "goodbye" before a "good buy" 

Favorite Anything: Annie's white cheddar macaroni and cheese.

Rayne Newswanger

Major: Marine Science, minor:  Biology

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Hegins, Pennsylvainia

Sustainable Living Tip: Turn off your computers and laptops when they are not in use, especially over night. If all the PCs in the world were shut down for one night, there would be enough energy to light up the entire empire state building for more than 30 years. (Found from the Community College of Baltimore County)

Favorite Anything: Favorite animal is a dolphin.




Shannon Wesstrom

Major: Marine Science

Graduation Year: May 2015

Hometown: York, PA

Sustainability Tip: Ride your bike or walk more! It cuts down on car emissions and lowers your carbon footprint. Plus it’s great exercise and it saves you money on gas! Not to mention we could all use the extra fresh air.

Favorite Anything: Traveling! Being able to see a new place and immersing myself in a new culture is the best way for me to experience this beautiful world we live in.


Will Bassler

Major: Political Science (Minor:  Environmental Studies)

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Sustainable Living Tip: Conserve water!  Limit your shower length to no more than 3-5 minutes daily; just cutting two minutes from your shower time can save ten gallons of water.  That's 3650 gallons of water per year that YOU can save.

Favorite Anything: Favorite television show is Parks and Recreations