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Current Schedule


8am - 10am      Good Morning, Good Vibes

10am - 12pm    Mellzlove

12pm - 1pm      Afterschool Special

1pm - 2pm        Keeping Up

2pm  - 3pm       Bassbound

3pm -  5pm       A Moment of Your Monday

5pm -  6pm       Classic Rewind

6pm - 7pm        The Coast

7pm - 8pm        Skins

8pm - 10pm      Will's Power Hour




2pm - 3pm        The Unnoticed

6pm - 7pm        Matthew's Jazz Mix

7pm - 8pm        CCU Greek Radio

8pm -  10pm     PC Therapy




10am - 12pm  Mellzlove

1pm - 2pm      Keeping Up

2pm - 3pm      Gabby's Show

3pm - 4pm      The Magic Hour

4pm - 5pm      The Wild

7pm - 8pm      Real Teal Radio

8pm  - 10pm   Will's Power Hour

7pm - 8pm      The Roundtable




4pm - 5pm       Ocean Athletics

5pm - 6pm       Skins

6pm - 7pm       Matthew's Jazz Mix

7pm - 8pm       CCU Greek Radio

8pm - 10pm     The Magic Hour





10am - 12pm   Alternative You

12pm - 1pm     The Wild

1 pm - 2pm      Keeping Up

2pm  -  3pm     Bassbound

3pm - 5pm       Leftover Pizza Show

6pm - 7pm       FREE Radio

7pm - 8pm       O'Boy the Box

8pm - 10pm     Will's Power Hour




10am - 12pm   Alternative You

12pm - 1pm     O'Boy the Box



10am - 12pm   Alternative You

 4pm - 5pm      Mellzlove

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